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About DC Blades

Why DC Blades?

I believe all shavers can benefit from taking up a traditional Wet Shaving routine.


So it is my aim to spread the joy of the lost art of traditional Wet Shaving with as many people as possible.


The value of traditional Wet Shaving compared to current disposable options include personal, economic and environmental benefits.


Personal: through better skin preparation with quality products combined with the use of a Single edge blade the risk of skin irritations and poor skin conditions is reduced and a better quality shave can be achieved. Not to mention you get the thrill of taking a seriously sharp piece of steel and remove the stubble from your body with it also ticking another box on the Man card of life LOL.


Economical: for the price of 1 year worth of disposable razors and canned goo’s, you could obtain a razor that would last several life times and a decade worth of shaving soaps etc.


Environmental: reduced environmental footprint due to minimal disposable waste products   


My personal experience:

After a couple of decades of disgruntled shaving with a disposable multi-blade razor, where the task was merely an unenjoyable chore.


I started my Wet shaving experience in June of 2013 with the purchase of my first restored and shave ready Wade & Butcher Straight Razor,


I found myself eager to perform the previously droning chore in this new found way of life where shaving became an enjoyable experience of well scented, smooth irritation free skin.


This revelation was followed by several acquisitions of vintage razors in various conditions, starting the restoration journey for me.


Whilst learning the fine arts of using & restoring Straight Razors in isolation from any nearby fellow enthusiasts in my area of the world, it became apparent that I needed to learn to hone my own razors to avoid posting to other areas of my state or the globe in general. So from August of 2013 I started to perform the honing of my razor collection and haven’t looked back since.


What drives me:

I enjoy bringing century’s old Straight Razors that have been lost to world, back to the light from the dark places they have been neglected too, so they can be enjoyed and used as they were intended by a new generation of shaver so many years later.   



Dion Curnow

DC Blades


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