Custom Knives


From rescales on a vintage blade to a Full custom knife & sheith to your design


Initial blade forging, grinding, shaping & all heat treatment to your design through to Final shaping, sanding, polishing, making & fitting of scales of your choice

all perfromed by myself / DC Blades


All Custom works are Price on application

Steel options include but are not limited to the following:

Carbon steel: 1075, 1084, 1095

Tool steel: O1 (SilverSteel), W2, 80CRV2

Stainless steel: 12C27


Stainless steels options available on request


Heat treating of stainless steels not noted above will be perfromed by an external company to allow for Cryo tempering etc as required to for best steel results. 

1095 Dagger by DC Blades


Initial annealing, rough shaping, blade grinding 

by DC Blades



Heat Treatment & tempering by DC Blades


Photos shows Carburization of steel during heat treatment & hardening process

Post heat treat final shaping & grinding to 1500 grit

& polishing of blades

performed by DC Blades  


Fabrication & assembly of your choice of custom scales & hardware performed by DC Blades  & honing ready for delivery performed by DC Blades