#112 Wahl Shavette - Faux Tortoise Shell

#112 Wahl Shavette - Faux Tortoise Shell


Size: 11/16"
Brand: Wahl
Stamps & Etchings: nil
Scales: Faux Tortoise Shell- custom
Wedge: Black G10 - Custom

Tail: Black G10 - custom
Pins: Brass
Washers: Nickel
Age: New

  • Custom mods

    DCBlades Custom upgrades

    Rescaled shavette's for the no maintenance straight shaving experience.
    Brand new Wahl shavette's rescaled in
    Faux tortoise shell with G10 monkey tail & wedge
    All come with a pack of 5 Polsilver blades for 50+ shaves

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