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Straight Razor

Size: 5/8 - 6/8"
Brand: Various options, Bengall, Invintca or similar hollow ground Round point
This kit will include a vintage straight cleaned up to user condition, ( may have minor imperfections like water marks, stains, devils spit, hone wear, etc) these are not regrinds or polished 

It will be clean, tight straight and solid scales, honed, shave ready and shave tested by me



DC Blades Basic Roo 2 piece Strop 

Vegitanned Roo & Cotton strop 

65mm x 400mm overall leather length

Barbers ends with metal hook & swivel




Kit #1 - Beginner Straight with basic Roo 2 piece strop

SKU: Kit 1
  • Excellent 100% all Original Razor

  •  All marked prices include Postage in Australia

    International please contact us before ordering

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