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DCBlades 13/16" O1 Kamisori in Abalone

Western hollow ground Kamisori

O1 tool steel

Hand forged and ground

2" hollow ground 

Satin finish hollows

ALVS Abalone scales

Heat treated by DCBlades to 62HRC edge

All works completed in house by myself

#DC59 13/16" O1 Kamisori in Abalone

SKU: DC-59
  • All marked prices include Express Post in Australia

    International please contact us before ordering

  • Although the Takefu Suminagashi SG2 is essentially a stainless steel construction, it needs to be remembered that the term Stainless should be read as two words “Stain Less”, not “Stain free” therefore, care should be taken to ensure the best life of all knives.

    DO NOT put your custom knife in a dishwasher

    DO NOT store or leave your custom knife wet for extended periods, as rust can form

    DO NOT store or leave your Stainless knife in contact with Carbon steel knives or cutlery as rust can form from the dissimilar metals contact.

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