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8/8" GoMai (CuMai) extra hollow heavy FBU

Oblivian Steel Copper Go Mai (5 layers) 52100 steel core 

Hand forged and ground to shape 

Custom handmade resin scales

Stainless Steel pins and washers

Heat treated by DCBlades to 62HRC edge

All works completed in house by myself, 


Steel billet by Oblivian steel  - forged and disrupted by DCBlades



#DC63 8/8" GoMai (CuMai) extra hollow heavy FBU

SKU: DC-63
  • If you are interested in a similar item to this
    Please send an enquiry via the contacts page with the reference of #BC-1
    I have other brushes in progress & will add them they become available
    Each brush will vary as no 2 natural products are the same
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